Server side markers clustering for Google Maps API v3. Allow to place on your Google map up to 100 000 markers. Developed on pure PHP and MySQL.

  • Add/edit/delete and store markers.
  • Manage Marker Types and Marker Icons
  • Server side clustering
  • Admin Authorization
  • Filter by Marker type
  • Search on the fly
  • Flexible map settings
  • Well documented
Added in v2.4
 Fixed mobile version map showing bug Fixed notice on manage page 
Added in v2.3
 Added drag and drop marker when editing Fixed bug with 180 meridian 
Added in v2.2
 Added mobile version Added ability to change map style Added ability to translate the interface Added share buttons (facebook and twitter) for markers Added ability to upload image for marker Added import from XLS and CSV files. 
Added in v2.1
 Added API key for Google Maps (important update) Added Map Language on the settings page 
Added in v2.0
 Rewrited core Added Marker Type management Added authorization for Admin part Added Map Type in the Map Settings Added Iframe embed code Updated Jquery library to v.2.1.1 Updated Bootstrap library to v.3.3.5 
Added in v1.5:
 Added Autodetect Map Center (optionaly) Added autocreation necessary tables in the DB 
Added in v1.4.2:
 A dependency on the search results by filter 
Added in v1.4.1:
 Bug fix compatibility with php 5.3 and early version 
Added in v1.4:
 Added Settings page, moved config here Added User search interface 
In version 1.3.1:
 Added checkbox "Check All" Fixed bug with same cluster lat and lng Improved performance on add/update marker Code review 
Added in v1.3:
 Added no clustering markers with same latitude and longitude Added markers editing functionality 
Added in v1.2:
 Added multitype markers support 
Added in v1.1:
 Added pagination to Markers Management Added search to Markers Management Added two levels caching in Markers Clustering (allow to store up to 100 000 markers) Added generation/clear cache in Markers Management 

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